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italian honey fig ABOUT THIS FIG TREE. Italian Honey Fig Lattarulla Fig Tree (ficus carica) – Producing figs twice a year giving you more bang for buck. The Italian Honey Fig is a great short season plant for those gardening in more northern regions.

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The Italian fig is everbearing, meaning that it bears more than one fig harvest during the year. In Italy an after-dinner dessert is served accompanied by fresh, delicious Italian figs, that sometimes are dried in …

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Lattarulla Fig Tree 1 gal Also known as the Italian Honey fig, Lattarulla is the most reliable fig for short-season, cool summer areas such as the Northwest and Northern California. The Lattarulla fig tree produces lots of figs twice a year, even in containers. The green skin brings a welcome tartness to the sweet taste of the honey-colored flesh. Grown in 1 gal containers, pruned to about 3

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With honey sweet amber flesh and a lightly tart yellow green outer skin the Blanche Fig (its original name according to Dr. Ira Condit) has long been a favorite for fresh eating or drying. - Hardy Fig Trees and more for the BC coast

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A honey fig, medium to large, richly flavored, sweet and ofexcellent quality, especially if the weather is hot. Probably is the most important single fig cultivar grown. Probably is the most important single fig …

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Have a taste of ‘Italian Honey’ and you will be utterly seduced. Growing to just 8 feet, this attractive and prolific cultivar is an enticing presence in a patio container.

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italian honey fig This Italian Honey Base is a very vigorous and prolific grower. (cluster pic is of mother tree) This stick has been rooting all winter in a 4x13" treepot.

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To order, enter your zip code below: Nothing compares to the rich, sweet flavor of fresh tree ripened figs! With this slow-growing, very heavy-bearing variety you get not one but TWO crops of yummy figs every year -- from a tree that reaches a generous but very manageable 15 feet high! The delicious

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